Rating: Difficult
Length: 5.5 km
Type: Hiking

This backcountry loop offers a strenuous hike, with several steep climbs and panoramic viewpoints. Beginning at the 1.7 km mark of the rail trail, The Admiral Lake loop runs together with Bayer Lake loop for a hundred metres.

The 5 km. Admiral Lake trail continues to the right, soon climbing into an open area of blueberry bushes and low saplings, reminders of a forest fire that swept through these woods in 1973. On your left a side trail leads to a local landmark, Skull Rock. The Admiral Lake loop continues to the right, soon leaving the burn area behind to climb steeply through mossy woods to another popular lookoff, Rolling Stone (so named for the huge boulder perched precariously on its top). It and the nearby Harbour lookoff offer spectacular views over ocean, village, harbour, inlet and coast as far as Lawrencetown to the south. Descending from the Harbour lookoff, the loop trail passes through a "talus" cave where a large rock has fallen from a cliff, leaving a natural archway. Returning to the open burn area, the path climbs gradually towards Admiral Lake lookoff. Pause at this half-way point to enjoy a 180 degree panorama over the White Lake Wilderness area, and island-studded Admiral Lake. Below this high point the trail returns to the mature woods, skirting Eunice Lake alongside a cliff, before winding its way to Jessie's Diner, which overlooks Bayer Lake and the Musquodoboit River stretching northward. Return to the rail trailway below Jessie's Diner.

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