These trails begin on the rail trail at km. 2.5 and continue to Kelly Junction and then on to Gibraltar Rock. These are challenging trails with punishing climbs but with spectacular rewards to those up to the task. We highly recommend that you treat these as two separate trails and do only one at a time.

Rating: Rugged with punishing sections
Length: 9.4 km with 7.3 km rail trail to return
Type: Hiking

This is the north half of the White Lake Wilderness Ridge Trail. Beginning at Normais Place at Kelly Meadow, the connector trail leads upward to Kelly Junction. The trail leads northerly across two lookoffs and then down to Meadow Brook, the outlet creek of Collins Lake. Descending toward Meadow Brook the trail crosses the White Lake Portage. A well worn portage is also present along Meadow Brook. The trail continues northward across several lookoffs and then enters Kimberly Clark Inc. land at Km 5.9 as measured from Kelly Junction. Crown lands are once again entered at Km 6.9. The trail intersects with the Gibraltar Rock Loop Trail at Km 9.2. From the junction to the Rail Trail it is a distance of approximately 120 metres. It is another 1.2 km to the Gibraltar parking lot.

The Rail Trail
Bayer Lake Loop
Admiral Lake Loop
Gibraltar Loop
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