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Volunteer Positions for 2023

We are a 100% volunteer organization!

We're looking for people to join the organization in various ways.


Here's a list of what we're looking for:


1Project Planning

Our trail needs some love. We are looking for someone with project planning

experience who can assist in developing a multi-year trail maintenance plan.


This would include not only routine maintenance planning but also assistance in the planning and logistics of major capital improvements and refurbishments that are required in order to keep our trail functional and safe.


The plan would need to take into account funding availability necessitating multi-year staged projects. Construction project experience would be an asset.

2. Graphic Design and Branding

It’s time to update our look and messaging across all social media. We are looking for someone with extensive experience who can generate ideas and

concepts and guide us through the transition. We're also looking to get some swag designed this year! 

3. Social Media Engagement

We are looking to up our game and increase our presence across all the socials. In addition to increasing awareness and usage of our trail we are interested in increasing user engagement with feedback from users, suggestions for events and improvements,  and information reporting of maintenance issues and hazards.


4. Financial Management and Budgeting

Our books aren’t complicated but we do have special projects in the works that will require some financial management and budget administration.

5. Construction Management and Planning

We have some potential capital projects in the works that could use the eyes of someone with experience in construction tendering, management and planning.

6. Board Members

We are always looking for new board members. This is not a passive activity

and we are looking for enthusiastic doers with various skill sets with a desire and commitment to contribute to their community and to make us the best we can be. We are a friendly and welcoming group. Board meetings are not frequent but board members do take charge of specific responsibilities that match their individual skills and interests.

7. Casual Volunteers

Curious and want to get involved but only have a few hours here and there

to commit to making your community better? We have a place for you! It could be showing up to help with one of our periodic work parties to do trail maintenance or it could be volunteering to assist in a special trail event. We are all busy and we generally plan our activities so that we do not take up large blocks of our volunteers’ time. Come and join us! 

If you're interested in filling any of the roles above, please reach out to with some information about you and your desired role.


You can also message us via Facebook messenger through our page or group:

And, you can also fill out this form to provide your contact information and interests:

Thanks for your time!


What else can I do to help?

Since the Association is entirely funded by donations and grants, if you want to help fund the ongoing maintenance and projects, you can donate here: (Choose Membership Type = Donation)

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