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Welcome to the Musquodoboit Trailway

Solitude and Rugged Wilderness

Only minutes from Metro Halifax

The Musquodoboit Trailway offers over 41 km of non-motorized, world class hiking opportunities for you and your family. 


The easy to walk or cycle 15 km Rail Trail will take you through the diverse, natural landscape that borders the Musquodoboit River and shelters scores of colourful birds, small mammals, and a treasure-trove of unique flora. 


But that's not all -- the Rail Trail is also an anchor for 26 km of backcountry trails that wind along the granite ridges of the White Lake and Ship Harbour-Long Lake wilderness areas, of varying levels of difficulty and solitude. 


There's something for everyone, but be aware that camping and setting fires are NOT PERMITTED. Please leave the trails in a better state than you found them, leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but photos (plus any trash you might find!)

Trail Information











Gathering Spots

No Fires

No Camping


Take Everything with You

Stay on the Trail


Camping and fires are NOT permitted on the Rail Trail or the Wilderness Trails. 

Please stay on the trails to minimize your impact. 

During hunting season, wearing orange is recommended when in wilderness areas.​

Please carry out everything you bring in. This includes cigarette butts, dog poop, tissues, gum wrappers. There are no trash receptacles on the trail or in the parking lots, so plan ahead and take it home with you.



Volunteer-maintained pit toilets can be found at the following km markers on the main Trailway. Toilets are not maintained during the winter, so bring your own paper. There are no toilets on the wilderness trails.​

  • 2.6 km

  • 7.3 km

  • 12.3 km

Reporting Issues & Volunteering

See a problem? You can send a report to the maintenance volunteers at or contact us on facebook

Want to help? Contact us at or learn more on our volunteer page

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