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 only minutes from metro Halifax


Due to the destruction of Hurrican Fiona on Sept 24, 2022, the Musquodoboit Trailways' Granite Ridge wilderness trails are closed (both the North and South segments), and will remain so until damage can be assessed, leaning/fallen trees cleared, and safety measures are in place. 

The following trails have REOPENED as of December 1, 2022:

* Admiral Lake Loop (including Skull Rock, Jessie's Diner, & Eunice Lake)

* Bayers Lake Loop

* Gibraltar Rock Loop

Please stay off the North and South Granite Ridge wilderness trails, as they remain unsafe due to fallen trees and damage to the trail and markers.


Your presence is not only a danger to yourselves but also to others trying to assess the risk or perform maintenance. Please do not impede this process!

The remaining 2 wilderness trails are being addressed, but will likely not reopen before January due to the nature and scope of the work needed to simply make the trails passable again.

Watch this site and the Facebook group / page linked below for updates.


Thanks to volunteers, the rail trail and three shortest loop trails have reopened, with restrictions.


Please note the following:

1) There are leaning trees which may continue to sag. Caution is advised around these trees. Trees affected by the hurricane have been cut down, but things can change fast due to wind and rain. Be aware of the wind conditions.

2) The soil is thin and the rootballs holding up trees can be shallow. It’s impossible to know if any of the remaining trees along the rail trail have been weakened and could fall. Once again, be aware of your surroundings and wind & rain forecasts.


3) If you see something noteworthy, please report it at

For the latest news and updates, see:

Or join the MTA & Friends group:

Even once the trails are reopened, there will be substantial work required to return the trails to their previous beauty and safety.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please reach out using this form -- we just need your phone number / email and some details about your arborist/saw skills. 



The Musquodoboit Trailway offers over 41 km of non-motorized, world class hiking opportunities for you and your family.


The easy to walk or cycle 15 km Rail Trail will take you through the diverse, natural landscape that borders the Musquodoboit River and shelters scores of colourful birds, small mammals, and a treasure-trove of unique flora.


But that's not all -- the Rail Trail is also an anchor for 26 km of backcountry trails that wind along the granite ridges of the White Lake and Ship Harbour-Long Lake wilderness areas, of varying levels of difficulty and solitude.


There's something for everyone, but be aware that camping and setting fires are NOT PERMITTED. Please leave the trails in a better state than you found them, leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but photos (plus any trash you might find!)


The Musquodoboit Trailway follows the old railbed,  weaving  between the river and towering cliffs.  Backcountry wilderness loops off the main trail offer spectacular views of Musquodoboit Harbour, the Musquodoboit River and the White Lake and Ship Harbour/Long Lake wilderness areas.

For the latest news, updates, trail conditions, maintenance info, activities and events, check out our facebook page. 

“Hiking the unspoiled, rugged, natural landscapes of the Musquodoboit Harbour Trailway System offers me my daily dose of mind/body/nature connection.”

 -Lori Taylor

“I love hitting the trail on a crisp fall day to enjoy the views from Skull Rock and Gibraltar”

-Brittany Thompson

Where the wild things are:  Hiking the Musquodoboit Trailway.

Rocky cliffs, verdant forest, winding rivers and stunning views-The Musquodoboit Trailway is a must for summer explorers" 

                                                     -Lois Legge

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