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South Granite Ridge Trail

6-7 Hours

Minimum Elevation 10m
Maximum Elevation 112
Total Elevation Gain/Loss 493m/-512m


The Musquodoboit Trailway begins at the Caboose Information Centre at the Musquodoboit Railway Museum, crosses highway 357, passes the arena and ball fields and links up with the official trailhead by the parking lot on Park Road. The 130 foot trestle bridge offers a scenic view of the Musquodoboit River and its broad flood plains. After passing the end of Bayer's Mill Road, the jutting crag of Skull Rock is visible and can be accessed off of the Admiral Lake Loop at km 1.7.

Take the Musquodoboit Trailway for 2.6 km from Park Road to the north end of the Admiral Lake Loop trail.  Follow the approach to the Admiral Lake Junction bearing left onto the wilderness trail.  The trail winds its way along slopes passing a spur trail leading to the Eunice Lake Lookoff and then onto an outcrop overlooking Admiral Lake.  Here the Trail leaves the Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area and enters the White Lake Wilderness Area. 


The trail then continues along the granite ridge lands connecting a number of look offs offering spectacular views of Granite Lake, Sparrow Lake, and the  Musquodoboit Trailway.  For a shorter trip you can return to the Trailway via the "Old Portage Trail" at km 5.5 (Map in preparation). The trail continues to Kelly Junction where one could proceed onto the North Granite Ridge Trail or return to the Trailway a couple of 100 metres below.  From the Kelly Meadow Junction via Norma's place on the Trailway it is a 7.2 km return via the Trailway to the Park Road parking lot.  

Too, another alternative is to take from Norma's Place via the Kelly Meadow Junction to the "Old Portage Trail" junction, then to the Trailway and onto the Park Road parking lot . . . much easier . . . but from the Kelly Junction, do a quick check at the Longview viewpoint on the North Granite Ridge Trail (a short a couple of hundred metres) before pushing on south and returning to the Trailway via the "Old Portage Trail" where it is only about 5 km return to the Park Road parking lot.  Enjoy.

You can follow this trail at

Distance: 8.8 km 


Minimum elevation is 10 m 


Maximum elevation is 112 m


Total Elevation Gain is 493 m with elevation loss being 512 m

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