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North Granite Ridge Trail

6-7 Hours

Minimum Elevation 23.5m
Maximum Elevation 108m
Total Elevation Gain/Loss 554m/-560m


Take the Musquodoboit Trailway from the Gibraltar Parking Lot on Highway 357 to the south end of the Gibraltar Rock Loop trail (1.1 km). Follow the Gibraltar Rock Loop trail connector upward and at the Gibraltar Junction, veer right onto the North Granite Ridge trail. The trail winds its way for a distance of 9.3 km along the granite ridge, traversing areas of old growth hemlock, ascending a number of lookoffs overlooking the Musquodoboit River Valley and Granite uplands beyond and crossing "Meadow Brook" at 7.0 km. At Kelly Junction (8.8 km) descend to the Musquodoboit Trailway and then return to the Gibraltar parking lot, a distance of 7.2 km.

You can follow this trail at

Distance: 9.25 km


Minimum elevation is 23.5 m 


Maximum elevation is 108 m


Total Elevation Gain is 554 m with elevation loss being 560 m

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