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Gibraltar Rock Wilderness Loop

1.5 Hours

Minimum Elevation 21m
Maximum Elevation 105m
Total Elevation Gain/Loss 144m/-144m


From the Gibraltar trailhead parking lot on Highway 357 proceed south for about 100 m to the northern entrance of this 1.3 km loop trail. It climbs steeply to Gibraltar Rock where the lookoff offers a bird's eye view of the river and road below. To the north the view is of the Shubenacadie glacial spillway. The trail continues along the granite ridge past Horne’s Lookoff for almost a kilometre where it crosses a babbling brook and arrives at Gibraltar Junction, the beginning of the North Granite Ridge Trail. From there the trail gradually winds downward past tall firs and mossy boulders, and rejoins the Musquodoboit Trailway at 1.1 km.

You can follow this trail at


Distance: 1.3 km


Minimum elevation is 21 m 


Maximum elevation is 105 m


Total Elevation Gain is 144 m with elevation loss is 144 m

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