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Musquodoboit Trailway

Minimum Elevation 6m
Maximum Elevation 30m
Total Elevation Gain/Loss 185m/-182m

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The Musquodoboit Trailway begins at the Caboose Information Centre at the Musquodoboit Railway Museum, crosses highway 357, passes the arena and ball fields and links up with the official trailhead by the parking lot on Park Road. The 130 foot trestle bridge offers a scenic view of the Musquodoboit River and its broad flood plains. After passing the end of Bayer's Mill Road, the jutting crag of Skull Rock is visible and can be accessed off of the Admiral Lake Loop at km 1.7.


The Trailway continues along the rocky eastern shore of Bayer Lake passing between scenic cliffs and glistening water. A picnic shelter is situated at the 2.5 km mark and a washroom at the 2.6 km mark. Leaving Bayer Lake behind, the trail passes through mixed coniferous and deciduous forest. Occasionally the river with its overarching oaks and maples can be glimpsed through the meadows. Here cattle once grazed and some fence posts are still visible. Now waterfowl and beaver can be observed in this rich habitat. At the 5.1 and 6.3 km marks, the trail crosses the McDougall and Trail bridges and continues offering views of the most spectacular of several ridges overlooking the trail. Here the trail forms the western boundary of the White Lake Wilderness Area. Keep an eye out for bald eagles who make their nests the niches in the crags.


The river winds closer to the trail again and reaches a picnic shelter and toilet at 7.3 km. The nearby Kelly Meadow bridge affords a view of the expansive Kelly Meadow. The trail continues through low birch, fir, and alder woods, crosses a pheasant preserve, and reaches a third picnic shelter at 11 km and toilet at 12.3 km. For the last 2 km the trail parallels highway 357 under the Gibraltar cliffs, a favorite bouldering spot.

This trail is suitable for all ages, dogs, strollers, bicycles, and other forms of active transportation. Got a unicycle? Bring it! 

Note that the trail is designated as an on-leash area for dogs.

The trail is not accessible to motorized vehicles, except for maintenance and emergency vehicles. This ensures that anyone wanting to enjoy the peacefulness of nature can do so without scaring the wildlife away.



  • 15 km from the Musquodoboit Railway Museum, or

  • 14.5 km from the main parking lot at 90 Park Road

Minimum elevation: 6m
Maximum elevation:  30m
Total Elevation Gain/Loss: 185m/-182m

Amenities along the trail include:

  • Bicycle racks at 1.7km, 2,5km, and 7.3km (access points to wilderness trails)

  • Picnic shelters at 2.5km, 7.3km, and 11km

  • Pit toilets at 2.6km, 7.3km, and 12.3km. Toilets are not maintained during the winter, so bring your own paper.

    • Note that the toilet in the Park Road parking lot is owned by the ball park, and is generally locked.

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