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Musquodoboit Harbour


Foaming to the Sea

Musquodoboit means 'foaming to the sea', or 'suddenly widening out after a narrow entrance at its mouth'. The name is an anglicized version of the Mi’kmaq word Moosekudoboogwek, or Muskoodeboogwek.


Musquodoboit Harbour is a rural community on Nova Scotia's beautiful Eastern Shore, situated at the mouth of the Musquodoboit River. The community lies about 45 kilometres east of downtown Halifax.


With a hospital, RCMP station, post office, schools, rink, library, weekly farmers market and more, Musquodoboit Harbour serves as a active hub for many of the surrounding communities. The village was settled in the 1780s mainly by Loyalists, and has grown into a thriving village, offering many opportunities to get out and connect with the natural forests, waterways and rugged coastline, including the trail, Martinique Beach, the Musquodoboit River, and so much more. While you're here, take a walk around the village centre, grab a bite, visit a local museum, stay the night, and take a drive to the beach!  To learn more about specific places to stay, eat and visit, click here.

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